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(brunch menu is rotational)



harlot burger 14.5

double patty of ground brisket, chuck, & short rib blend, red onion, duke's mayo, dijon mustard, american cheese, brioche bun

lamburger 18.5

8oz ground lamb patty, arugula, goat cheese, pepper jelly, french bun

chicken sammy 15

fried chicken breast, bacon, cheddar, thick cut slaw, sriracha duke's mayo, brioche bun

steak & cheese 17.5

thin sliced strip loin, cheddar cheese sauce, mushrooms, pickled peppers, onion, arugula , hoagie

solomito 13.5

"national hangover cure of chile" lightly smoked thin sliced pork loin, avocado mash, tomato, mayo, pork jus, french bun

uncle walter 16

fried shrimp po' boy, lettuce, tomato, red onion, new orleans remoulade

figgin' frenchie 14

warm baguette, brie, prosciutto, arugula, butter, fig preserves, fresh fig

holy roller 16.5

braised short rib, melty fontina cheese, marinated mushrooms, pickled & caramelized mushrooms, sliced beefsteak tomato, butter crunch lettuce, roasted garlic & scallion aioli, dijon mustard, toasted white bread

not sandwiches

chlorophyll salad 12

butter-crunch lettuce, green pea, cucumber, snap peas, asparagus, herbed vinaigrette (add chicken 6) (add shrimp 8)

arugula salad 11

preserved lemon yogurt, crispy quinoa, strawberry, candied pistachio, orange & vanilla vinaigrette

deviled eggs 6

traditional recipe with the addition of pickled veg & salty pork

loaded style 10

choice of fries or tots, cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, scallion

poutine 10

choice of fries or tots, beef gravy, cheese curds, chive

potato salad 5

choice of fries or tots 4

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